A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. I was looking for some way to practice using Illustrator’s pen tool. I knew the basics of how it worked but needed repetition to make working with it seem natural. I had the brilliant idea to try to create a font, but rather than just create a font that will rarely, if ever, get used, I thought I would recreate the font seen in the opening credits of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I started with the slanted text that is only seen on some screens of the credits. After screenshotting each credit slide I compiled them into a single image and began outlining, letter by letter.

Now, there already is a Rocky Horror font out there, Double Feature, which is fantastic. The one thing that I’ve realized it is missing, though, is variety. For each letter in the alphabet there is only two, or sometimes one, drip pattern. I decided that my goal with this font would be to create as many drip options as I possibly could, and thusly made the act of turning it into a typeable font extremely more complicated…

I knew the easiest way to accomplish this would be to create each extra drip option as a ligature, which works effectively but will make typing in this a bit interesting. Lowercase and capital letters will look the same. To cycle through the drip options all you should have to do is type a character multiple times. The odD bit comes when you actualLy neEd to have a letTer repeated. You wilL have to change cases betweEn characters. I believe it is a smalL concesSion to make, though.

While the slanted font was close to finished last fall, I decided that I wanted to wait to release it until I could put a straight font alongside. That’s where I am now. Outlining letters again, and, although it may be strange, I’m having a blast doing it. My goal is to have these both done and available to release in time for the RHPS Convention next month in Chicago, so that everyone will be able to use it for advertising their shows during the 40th anniversary next year.

I’ve got a lot more to do. Expect more updates on this soon!


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