FALL 2016 UPDATE: Unfortunately life got in the way and I was not able to make this book happen in the timeframe I initially had planned. Fret not though, it WILL still happen. Just not sure when. Although I have not had time to work on the book consistently, overall I’ve now been working on this project for over a year. This is my passion and I will not rest until I can bring it to fruition. In the mean time though this means that there is still plenty more time for artists that want to be in the book to get involved. Until I post that I am sending the files to a printer please consider the call for entries still open.

Thanks for understanding. I can’t wait until the day that I can put this final book in your hands.
Shawn Hall



Hi Folks!
I am organizing a #RockyHorrorArtBook featuring art from people throughout the Community. It should be a really neat piece when it is finished.

*Technically my deadline to submit art listed below has already passed, but until my book is actually finished and off to the printers please feel free to shoot me an email and see if you can still have artwork featured.*


If you’d like to submit artwork for consideration to be featured in the book please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and then email your artwork to design@shawnhalldesign.com. Please send artwork as vector files or at 300dpi at at least 8.5″ x 11″. You are absolutely welcome to submit multiple pieces, but please fill out this form again for each.

As payment for submission I can offer advertising space in the book itself. Brief credits will run along the bottom of each page featuring artwork, then the final pages of the book will be devoted to more extensive artist credits and/or advertisements. I plan to offer a free/discounted book to each artist, but unfortunately that will ultimately be decided by the publishing contract I am able to get.

Do not be afraid that your work isn’t “good enough”. Send me that shit anyway. My goal is to be as all inclusive as I possibly can be, reflecting work from all skill levels and styles.

A possible title I’m playing with is “Drawn Into Something – The Rocky Horror Art Book” Have a better idea? Let me know!

Talking about the project? Use the hashtag #RockyHorrorArtBook, and when I start putting out progress updates I’ll do the same.



I’m going to ask the question …. are you looking for specific mediums, or just anything?
I’m thinking absolutely anything. Digital media, physical media, whatever. I might try to avoid photography but if the piece is compelling enough I’d likely even break that rule. Anything you think would hold its own on a page.

Can we submit a “rough draft” ie a kind of lousy picture that shows the art, with the knowledge that a better quality picture would be on the way?
Yes, I am totally fine with having something temporary for now to get an idea of what I will get in the future.

I think we ought to plug this on ______. Is that alright with you?
Absolutely! Anywhere and everywhere. I’d love for this book to really show off everything this Community has produced over the years.