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I’ve finally finished my first RHPS font, “The Drip”. I wanted to expand on the work that Coda did with Double Feature by allowing there to be significantly more options for the drip pattern for each number and letter. With my font I’ve created at least four alternates for each, allowing more variation to give a more authentic hand drawn feel like the original credits.



This font is set up so that both the uppercase and the lowercase letters are identical. This is the same as the numbers. For this font you can consider the normal numbers to be ‘lowercase’ and the symbols above them to be ‘capital’. (Thus leading you to realize that Capital One bank is really just !!!! BANK!)

As you type a letter or number you can repeatedly type the same letter to rotate through all the alternate versions. This is accomplished through extensive misuse of the ligature function. On the occasion that you repeat a letter you MUST switch between upper and lowercase or you’ll find that you merely set the letter once in the second drip option. The rotation for the number keys will first access the alternate versions of the number, and then access the symbol.


Alternate symbols and additional alternate letters and numbers are planned for an eventual update. If you encounter any bugs with the file please let me know and I can fix them for an update as well.

The font is available at

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Shawn Hall



Justin DePrince
3 years ago · Reply

sick job. absolutely love it.

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